project i KNOW ENDO


support is visible


we know endo

to my friends, family members

& new connections

you compliment my existence with your presence

you view my reflection and know that i deal with so much more than you see

you give me the confidence to speak up, speak endo, & speak the truth


every human who is pictured here knows endo, that could be because they know endo

personally, or it could mean they know endo because they know me

this is a prime example of unconditional support

i may have an invisible illness, but each and every single one of these humans is visible

& that matters. this is a big shout out to everyone who already has

and who will participate in this project

i appreciate every single one of you


you’re the reason this project exists

thank you

please check out my mission

for more info on project

i know endo


I also know lyme - and i’ll be sharing my experience when I launch my next project

be kind. be wonderful. be human