what’s the point

with your help, we’ll introduce as many humans to endometriosis as humanly possible

When we expose the humans who support us we expose humans who know endo because they

know who we are <<<

>>> Endo becomes inevitably visible when we expose

  • OUR personal experience with endo

>>> & we can’t forget that we have connections with

  • humans who see and support us

  • humans who compliment our existence

  • humans who want to help us help ourselves

>>> & that we are visible even when our illness is not

get involved Directly

by using the hashtag #iknowendo & #endoexperienced on social media to make this project’s mission a reality

by posting a selfie on social media wearing or posing with yellow using the hashtag #iknowendo & #endoexperienced

by sharing your personal experience with endo and refusing to remain silent

be willing to unlearn what society has taught us

be willing to make noise when they tell uS to be quiet

we have over 160 years of documented history to describe and diagnose endo

but let’s give them even more proof that it exists

will the endo-experienced please stand up

I need your ongoing support if you know endo because I want to share your experience living with it


i want to hear it all


Please email

[ info@iknowendo.com ]

if you or anyone you know has ties with endo




If the underestimated 176 million women worldwide

& the humans who support them

hop on board this will be radical



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I know endo

IS taking part in a massive social media movement

IS a platform intended to share our experiences

IS exposing the humans who admire our existence

IS powered by your unconditional love & support


On Instagram, there are over 1 million posts

>>> #endometriosis

hear us, support us, get involved today